Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Here's Your first Christmas Present

Hi Everyone

I decided to get the drop on everyone else this year by making sure that I was the very first person you know to start giving out Christmas presents, and what a present I've got for you!

I've been asked by my friends Dax Moy and Pat Rigsby to contribute a very special REPORT/VIDEO/AUDIO/EBOOK that I've just finished working on to their 12 Days of Fitness Gift-Giving Program.

But whilst I'm pretty excited about being able to offer you my gift, I'm absolutely over the moon that I've been chosen as one of a handpicked group of just 250 health and fitness experts from all around the world to participate in the largest gift-giving program ever.

This means that, as well as getting your gift from me, you'll be able to download a sackful of videos, audios, ebooks and special reports on just about every area of health and fitness from Diet to Nutrition, Fat loss to Strength training, Back pain to Mom's fitness and just about EVERYTHING in between.

Seriously, Dax and Pat have ensured that only the very best quality gifts have been allowed into this years gift-giving, meaning that many of the contributors have created gifts that you would happily pay for...

But you get each and every one of them for free!

All you have to do to get you hands on my Gift (and the other couple of hundred amazing gifts, of course) is pop on over and register your name and email address at

12 Days Of Fitness

and you'll get the whole lot delivered to you with my compliments .

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get on over to

12 Days Of Fitness

now! : )


P.S - Feel free to forward this email on to your family, friends or work colleagues so that they can take advantage of this massive gift-giving. After all, it's not every day that you get access to this kind of information for free right?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Austin all wet - Golf - Yahoo! Sports

Austin all wet - Golf - Yahoo! Sports: "Vijay Singh and Stuart Appleby led the way by handing Tiger Woods his worst loss in team competition, 5 and 4, although there wasn't much Woods and Jim Furyk could do. Singh holed out from a bunker and chipped in for eagle, Appleby made a long eagle putt at No. 12 and they combined to go 11 under through 14 holes"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Drawing the Ball

I hope this finds you well, excited for the upcoming season, andready to score lower than ever before. I wanted to catch up withyou, and explain what we've been doing lately.

First off, let's be clear about what this email is all about -developing a draw will add distance to your golf shots, andconsistency to your swing. I'm willing to bet that after youmaster this shot, you'll be playing golf like never before. Readyfor the good news? We've been hard at work putting together an easyway for you to draw the ball - almost instantly (assuming youpractice and understand the technique)!

There's a reason why almost all professional tour players hit drawsinstead of fades or slices. But before I get into that, I need totake a step back to make sure that you understand exactly what adraw is, what it can do for you, and finally I'm going to give yousome tips on how to actually hit one.

Basically, a draw is a golf shot that gently moves from right toleft (for a right hander). You know the shot. It's the one thatfeels like you hit nothing at all, but you look up and the ball issailing neatly down the fairway gently moving from right to left. It's not a hook because the movement on a hook is much more severethan a draw.

A draw puts "good spin" on the ball vs. a slice that puts "badspin" on the ball. "Good Spin" propels the ball much furtherbecause it makes the ball cut through wind, and it rolls furtheronce the ball hits the fairway. This all happens because of thetopspin imparted on the ball when hitting a draw, vs. side-spinimparted on the ball when hitting a fade or a slice.

Put quite simply, you can hit a draw by learning to swing on aninside to out swing path (there's more to it obviously). Eventhough this sounds easy to complete, without the correct training,the majority of golfers really struggle with it.

The problem is that most golfers have been swinging the club foryears in a way that produces a slice- so initially, we're fightingvery deeply ingrained habits. But we've got ways to get you out ofthose habits. The bigger problem is that the swing that typicallyproduces a slice feels very natural for most golfers. That's whyslicing is the most prevalent problem that golfers face.

But - through the techniques that you're about to learn, and youfeel the swing changes taking place, and you see the positiveresults, you're going to start developing a whole new set ofpositive habits. The ones that will bring your swing path from theinside, and will enable you to make solid impact with the ball on avery consistent basis.

What we teach in this system will be revolutionary for your overallgolf swing. We're going to correct some basic parts of your swing,(the ones that most frequently produce a slice) and we're going toteach you some great moves to start coming into the impact zonefrom the inside path - so you hit it further.

One of the neat things about this system is that it will also helpif you hook the ball. We've focused so closely on the movements inyour swing that produce a draw, you'll be able to recognize thoseareas as parts of your swing that you may be overcompensating on,which in turn would be causing you to hook. There are a few otherreasons this could be happening of course, but if you are makingall of the moves correctly that we're going to teach you - theresult will be a nice gentle draw. No more hooks or slices!

Some of you may have heard that you can learn to work the ball fromright to left and left to right by simply changing your stance oraltering your grip. However, we believe that getting your shot todraw consistently is really about the golf swing as a whole.

Through this course, you are actually going to be making manypositive changes to your full swing. Again, popular belief is thata draw mostly relates to your driver, but we believe this shotshould actually be learned with your 5 iron. We want to be clear:The changes that you will be making to your full swing, will bevery beneficial for every club that you carry. It's all aboutmaking impact with the ball from an inside path.

By now you've probably seen our full swing video. None of thefundamentals in that video are going to change. But with thisproject we've really focused in on the components of the swing thatproduce a draw, and we teach you step by step, how to completeevery one of those movements.

A draw really is essential to taking your game to the next level. So I want to give you a great tip from Bobby (illustrated) so youcan go out to the range and work on this right away to see somepositive results.

Now, to see and read the draw lesson for today, please go here

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FITNESS for golf???

The words core training, golf fitness, and improving your golf swing have become common words in golf. Without good fitness, all the technique training in the world isn't going to make you an excellent golfer.
The major components of a well designed golf conditioning program include: strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular conditioning, posture and balance training, nutrition and diet, and injury prevention techniques for golf.
First and foremost golf fitness exercises can be of great benefit to the golfer provided a few principles are adhered to in the development of such a golf fitness program. These types of exercises will develop higher levels of strength and endurance within the muscles used by golfers.
Injury preventative rotator cuff exercises should be a part of a comprehensive golf fitness program. These types of golf fitness exercises develop additional strength and endurance within the rotator cuff muscles.
The bottom line is this: golf fitness exercises can benefit the distance of drives for any golfer. It is well known that in every professional sport athletes perform a series of flexibility exercises and drills to prepare them to play a game, and golf is no different.
You should implement golf fitness exercises to go along with your swing drills.
When fitness training for golf, dumbbells are usually used for strength training because this is the most efficient equipment for building strength quickly, hence their inclusion in the best golf fitness workout routines.

Golf fitness stretch training is also an important part of the modern game today, and yet there are still many amateur golfers that do no see those benefits. Golf fitness stretch training is also a great help in reducing the risks of injury which are rather high in golf for golfers who do not exercise.
Stretch training plays an important role in improving the flexibility of a golfer and therefore the quality of the swing both in terms of controlled direction and much more power and distance. A stretch training program from a qualified golf fitness stretch trainer will also help in increasing strength in the golf-specific muscles of the golfer.

Your core is the area of the body from the chest to the knees. Core muscles are more complicated to understand than say the quadriceps or biceps. They require a major emphasis on core rotational movements with resistance. Increase your core strength, it is important.
If your core is weak or restricted, you will have a very difficult time generating clubhead speed and power at impact.

Focus on core stability. Exercise ball fitness training for golf is a simple and effective piece of golf fitness equipment that will quickly improve core strength for golf and balance.
Balance and postural sway is determined by the golfer's posture, which in turn, is affected by the integrity of the core and muscle balance. Balance exercises challenge the nervous system, creating more efficiency in the input/output system of the body.
Posture and balance evaluation will help to identify in what positions you have good balance as well as positions where posture and balance need improvement.
The most effective way to improve balance is by training the core musculature. Any time you put yourself in an unstable environment through the use of balance pads, fitness balls, or various other balance training aids, you increase your body's awareness and balance.
Balance plays a pivotal role in your ability to execute weight transfer and hip rotation without jeopardizing a stable address position.

A monster drive is not only the result of improved equipment, but is due in large part to flexibility, core strength, balance, and stamina as well. Golfers need to be physically fit in order to have the right strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, body awareness, and endurance to finish a round successfully. By following the fitness tips shown in this article you will be in much better shape for that next round of golf.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Prograde is Up nd Running

PROGRADE is Up and Running


Who Do You Trust More a veteran fitness expert or that kid at the vitamin store?

Yes, that’s a serious question.Prograde Nutrition was not only founded by Fitness Professionals, it’s only available through Fitness Professionals. Believe us, you don’t want an uneducated store clerk earning minimum wage - plus commission we might add - selling you junk you don’t need.Or worse, sell you something dangerous. The Fitness Professionals who sell Prograde only care about one thing: YOU!Have you come looking for magic pills and quick fixes?If you have we’re very sorry. As Fitness Professionals we know there aren’t any. Chances are if you found us you’ve come to that realization, too.Our beliefs are concrete.We believe a sound exercise program and proper eating, combined with Prograde products to fill in the nutritional “gaps”, creates the dynamic body and life you deserve.Highest quality nutritional product manufacturing: Awarded GMP Certification by the Natural Products Association Transform your body: our products and fitness experts will help you take control of your health so you can reach your goals. Pure: Natural ingredients grown on our untainted 2,500 acre farm in Florida Easy: No trumped up shipping charges. No confusing ‘supplement stacks’. Just simple, straightforward nutrition you can trust with zero hassle.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Personal trainer takes a swing at fitness program for golfers

By Julius Whigham II
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Adam Cole holds the golf club in his hands, repeatedly practicing his swing. His routine looks similar to that of many golfers, except for a few differences.
Instead of being on a golf course surrounded by tees and greens, he is standing inside a gym, surrounded by weights and fitness equipment. Instead of hitting a golf ball on the driving range, a device strapped to his leg is moving 100 pounds of weight with each swing.

Cole is performing one of the exercise routines in the Butch Harmon Golf Fitness training program.
Personal training director Rafael Moret has been teaching the program at the Delray Beach World Gym on South Federal Highway since December. The program, designed by Butch Harmon, a former swing coach for Tiger Woods, combines traditional strength and conditioning training with exercises designed specifically for golfers.
"The program is specifically designed to strengthen the avid golfer's swing," Moret said. "It could be somebody who is just starting out. It could be a pro. The exercises are focused on the actual golf swing."
Moret, who resides in Pembroke Pines, introduced the program to the World Gym in Paramus, N.J., three years ago. He has lived in South Florida for six months and is the personal fitness director for all of the World Gym facilities in Palm Beach County. Since starting the program, he has found no shortage of clients.
"This has been a golf mecca," Moret, 29, said.
The success of Woods and other professional golfers has made golf-specific fitness training increasingly popular among avid golfers, Moret said
Cole, who also works for World Gym and who lives in Delray Beach, said he is a recreational golfer and has been training with Moret for about a month. In that time, Cole, 27, said.

The success of Woods and other professional golfers has made golf-specific fitness training increasingly popular among avid golfers, Moret said
Cole, who also works for World Gym and who lives in Delray Beach, said he is a recreational golfer and has been training with Moret for about a month. In that time, Cole, 27, said he has already noticed improvements to his golf game.
"It's great, I just feel more stable on the swing," he said. "My accuracy has gone up significantly, and for me I notice it more because I'm still new, so it's not like I need fine refinements. Most of the refinements I see are larger refinements that I can notice over a short period of time."
When golfers come into the gym, they spend much of the time on one piece of equipment, the cable cross machine. The machine allows the golfers to connect a variety of devices and mimic the golf swing while also getting strength training. Moret said the fitness program is typically divided into four parts - injury prevention, which uses exercises to strengthen the shoulder and wrist, general conditioning, swing training and stretching to strengthen a variety of muscles.
The workouts last about an hour and are done at least twice a week. The program lasts at least six weeks. It has become popular among younger golfers, particularly high school golfers," Moret said.
"We've been getting a lot of kids that are still in high school that are still playing, that want to get a little bit stronger," he said. "A lot of kids are already being recruited by colleges as early as their junior year to play golf. Their year of training is a lot more intense than most people think. The strength-training element helps them get a little bit better conditioned for everything that's coming."
Moret said the feedback he has heard from clients who have tried the program largely has been positive. Many typically notice improvements in their swing and in their conditioning, he said.
"The biggest thing I hear is 'I'm not tired when I'm

How to Choose a Golf Fitness Trainer

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question during my travels around the country and world on the golf circuit; “Sean, I am looking for a golf fitness trainer in my area, what do you suggest?”
Finding a golf fitness trainer for you, simply takes a little knowledge and time on your part.
Bottom line there are thousands of fitness experts, personal trainer, instructors, and conditioning coaches available to you. Some are more qualified than others to help you improve your golf game. Lets first off take a look at some general qualifications to look for in candidates.
The golf trainer’s education would be the first thing I would consider. In the world of personal training and fitness, there are no educational requirements, governing bodies, or state boards. Essentially, anyone can hang a sign on their front door and call themselves a “personal golf fitness trainer”. It’s unfortunate, but unqualified people are training people every day.
A highly qualified golf fitness trainer will likely have a college degree in the field of kinesiology, biomechanics, health sciences or a related field. There are many other organizations that accredit trainers too. These organizations provide intense educational programs providing the trainer with certifications. Accreditations from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and American Council of Exercise are highly regarded within the field. I would suggest looking for a golf fitness trainer with a degree in the field and at least one additional certification from the above organizations. This tells us that they have taken the time to become more specialized and better educated.
The Proof is in the Pudding
Experience within the field is absolutely critical. First look at the trainer’s general experience and dig deeper. In general, I am talking about how long they have been in the industry. Are they just starting out or are they a seasoned veteran in the field? What areas of the industry have they worked? Have they worked only in the health club setting, have they worked in a collegiate or professional athletic environment, or experience directly related to the golf industry?
I would look for a golf fitness trainer with some experience in athletics. A trainer with experience in competitive athletics understands the demands on your body under competition, whether it’s the weekend round with your friends, the club tournament, or the Masters for that matter.
Go to the Right Mechanic to Get Your Car Fixed
Now I don’t know about you, but if I had an engine problem with my car, I probably wouldn’t go to a motorcycle mechanic to get it fixed.
Would you look for a personal trainer that specialized in let’s say, youth football, to help your golf game?
Most trainers in the industry usually have a repeat client base. The client base can tell you a lot about the trainer’s area of expertise. The trainer’s cliental base could be very specific, for example working with elderly individuals or with athletes only. Other trainers may work with numerous types of individuals from young children, golf-fitness-products-home.htmlmakers, to the budding collegiate star. More than anything a trainer’s client base gives you an idea if they have experience working with someone like you, and if they fit your individual needs.
I would suggest looking for a golf fitness trainer that has some experience working with someone like you. For example, if you are Nationwide Tour player, I would probably suggest looking for a golf fitness trainer who has experience working with professional athletes. The experience of working with professional athletes is only going to help with the interaction between the two of you.
Can’t We Just Get Along
Outside of education and experience, the final area to consider is the trainer’s personality. Some personalities will work well with you and others will not.
To get the best results for you, you must find a trainer that you are comfortable with on a professional and personal level. This will allow for the training sessions, development of your program, and the relationship to be a positive experience for both. Remember, you must trust the golf fitness trainer and this requires a level of comfort with them.
Overall, I suggest taking some time on the front end and interviewing a series of trainers. This will allow you to compare and contrast all of the criteria we’ve discussed, and help you make a decision you feel good about.
Remember, choosing the right golf fitness trainer for you can mean the difference between reaching your goals on the golf course or not.
Sean Cochran
About the Author- Sean Cochran (Fitness Trainer to Phil Mickelson)

What is a Core?

Many people think that the term “core” refers to the abdominal muscles, or perhaps to the abdominals plus the lower back. I have a better description: Your core is everything but your arms and legs.Essentially the core is the trunk of the body, including the groin muscles, the hip muscles, the abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles, and the butt muscles. Yep, it’s everything but your arms and legs!An interesting fact: There is only one muscle that attaches each leg to the spine. The psoas, or “hip flexor”, runs from the thigh bone through the pelvic area and on to the lower back. Likewise, there is only one muscle that attaches each arm to the spine. The latissimus dorsi, or “lat,” runs from the lower back up to the upper arm bone.How Do I Get the Core To Do Its Job?This is the $64,000 question within the fitness and physical therapy industries. There are several ways that trainers and therapists attempt to teach core activation:a. draw the navel inward toward the spineb. tighten the pelvic floor (muscles near the crotch)c. pretend you are urinating and tighten the muscles that cut off the flowd. pretend you are balancing on a canoe and pay attention to which muscles you are activating for balancePersonally, I prefer the method espoused by Gray Cook, a physical therapist and educator from Danville, VA. He teaches his patients to create a “tall spine.” To get a feel for this, kneel on the ground and pretend you are trying to lengthen your spine upward so that the top of your head feels as though it is pressing toward the ceiling. Sit-Ups and Crunches for the Core?The thought that sit-ups and crunches will strengthen the core is an example of a “1980’s” school of thought. Think about it: The core is everything but the arms and legs. The core encompasses a complex network of muscles crisscrossing the pelvic area and trunk. It is best exercised with a variety of movements that incorporate bending, twisting, reaching, and turning.Don’t think about strengthening your core. Think about activating it and using it to channel movement. When you activate it you will feel like you are lengthening your spine (making it “tall”). When you use it you will move dynamically and transfer force through it from the legs to the arms and from the arms to the legs.An Exercise to Illustrate the PointStand with your feet close together and place a soccer ball between your knees. Exert inward pressure on the ball with your knees and inner thighs. Now lengthen your spine and make it feel “tall” by feeling like the top of your head is pressing toward the ceiling.Now stretch your arms up like you’re signaling “Touchdown!” Now rotate your body side to side, left and right.What you just did is activate your core from the bottom up by engaging the groin and inner thigh muscles to put pressure on the ball, and by creating a tall spine. Then you engaged abdominal and torso muscles by rotating your trunk. Congratulations! You just activated your core and used it to create movement in three dimensions! You just moved the way a real human being is designed to move!

Mike Romatowski

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pursuit of Fitness or Pursuit of Happiness

Here we go again, a few days away from the new year and here come all the health & fitness resolutions…again. “I want to lose weight”, I want to start exercising”, “ I want to join a gym”. Why and how do we keep setting ourselves up to fail? The why is simple, we think magically at 11:59 pm on December 31st our lives are going to change. All of a sudden our procrastination will go away, our eating habits will change and we will adapt a healthier lifestyle just because it’s a new year.

The how is what’s interesting. We set ourselves up to fail by setting goals we really don’t need or want. So what happens when you are trying to accomplish something you really don’t need or want; You are not going to work hard toward getting it. Now what is it that we are really looking for when we set these resolutions? Are we really in the pursuit of fitness or are we in the pursuit of happiness through fitness? “I believe the latter to be true” says Rafael Moret, President of The Miami Golf Fitness Program.

How does this apply to Health & Fitness related New Year resolutions? Well is the house wife/stay-at-home mom really looking to lose 20 lbs. or does she just want to look sexier and feel better about herself? Will a 20 lbs loss do that for her, maybe…maybe not, but a little muscle tone and better posture will do wonders for her right away. Does the 40-50 year old corporate executive really need washboard abs or does he want to feel like physically, he can still compete with the younger guys and doesn’t need a new set of suits every year because he gained 10 lbs.

When you are setting goals for yourself think about what you really want. What kind of problem are you trying to solve? What kind of solution will bring you joy and happiness? If you are looking to make changes in your life, then you don’t need to wait till December 31st . Do them today, make changes right now! Give yourself a head start and if you are a procrastinator, “put off putting it off”. Forget that the New Year is coming, decide what you want to change and Change Now!
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